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5 Ways Home Automation Will Improve Your Life

Like most homeowners, you might struggle to find the time to balance family life with work. But with an automated home, you can maximize time with your loved ones while increasing your home’s security and enjoying streamlined features.

Imagine controlling all the fine details in your house: lighting, temperature, audio, and more. Through home automation, you can integrate all of that technology into a few easy buttons in the palm of your hand. Automated homes are a rising trend in the housing market for good reason. We already all own a supercomputer in our pocket, our smartphone, that manages our life schedules and connections. It makes sense that our homes will soon follow suit.
But with home automation, not only do you get to simplify your life, but you also get to add significant value to your home.

Here are five benefits of living in an automated home:

Soundtrack for Life
With a whole-home audio system, you can blast your favorite albums after a long day or set some gentle background music for dinner throughout your house. Whether you want to listen to music in one, three, or all the rooms of your house, you can control volume in each room from a remote device.

Program Your Home’s Settings
For all the scenarios in your life, you can program your home to adjust to your daily flow. Choose a “Party” mode to effortlessly broadcast music at the perfect volume and create mood lighting for your partygoers in seconds or a “Night” mode that shuts everything off when the last guests leave.

Save Money & Energy
Homeowners are always searching for a way to save money wherever they can, and home automation will help you do so! If you’ve left the house and can't remember if you turned off anything, you can shut off your music, TVs, and audio from your smartphone or a tablet to save energy and maximize your budget.

Voice Command
When you don’t have a free hand available, use voice command to switch on the lights, turn on your television, and more. However, voice command doesn't override your other manual devices so you can switch the lights off again with a remote or tablet. With multiple ways to control your features, you stay the master of your home.

Immersive Home Theater
Going to the movie theaters is a hassle with overpriced tickets and concessions on top of sometimes overwhelming sounds and scenes for kids. Instead, take the movie magic to your couch with a home theater. Access high-performance speakers through Bluetooth or WiFi with your smartphone or tablet to stream crisp audio to take you into the movie.

If you have any questions regarding home automation, please don't hesitate to contact us. Or visit us directly and we'll be more than happy to assist.